Advocacy & Education

Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals

CAFP at Macdonald campus is the junior branch of a national association. Since the club came to McGill in 1970, it has given students in food related programs the chance to be part of a large network of professionals, which opens the door to attractive career opportunities and allows students to make contacts in the industry. Over the course of the year, members are responsible for planning fundraisers, social activities, as well as educational sessions on issues of interest to students. The national branch of CAFP also offers the opportunity to win several scholarships and awards.

Happy Belly

As food revolutionaries, Happy Belly applies the principle of ''Think globally, act locally''. We collect food from nearby grocery stores and farms consisting mainly of perishable items near the end of their shelf life that would otherwise be discarded but are still safe to eat. Every week, we cook and serve a free healthy lunch for students and staff. The meals are vegan-friendly with few processed ingredients. We partner with the Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Garden to provide you with locally grown food you can eat.


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