• Come join us for Samosas this Thursday February 21st starting 10:30am in the Mac Stewart Lobby and learn about Mutrac!

    The Samosas will be served with a sweet red sauce (mildly spicy). Bring your own container for convenience!

    Published 2 semaines 3 jours ago
  • Want to join the MCSS Council next year?

    1. Get your nomination form at the MCSS counter

    2. Once completed bring it to us by Feb 21stat 11am

    3. After the Open Student Society Meeting on Feb 21st, start your election campaign

    Published 3 semaines 2 jours ago
  • NOMINATIONS are now OPEN!!!!

    The Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has a tradition of recognizing outstanding teachers in the Faculty each year, by presentation of an Award for Teaching Excellence.

    Published 3 semaines 3 jours ago
  • We are very pleased to announce this opportunity to bring "Global Food Security" home and to listen to and discuss with local leaders fighting against food insecurity in our West Island Community.

    Published 1 jour 10 heures ago
  • On Thursday, February 21 from 10:30 am- 2:30 pm, stop by the Ceilidh to meet representatives from the Sustainability Projects Fund.  We are here to answer your questions and hear about your project ideas

    Published 2 jours 10 heures ago
  • Interested in weekly shadowing & volunteering in the Intensive Care Unit?

    Join the ICU Bridge Program team!

    We require dedicated volunteers:

    (1) Available to start in the Summer 2019 & Future upcoming semesters

    Published 2 jours 11 heures ago
  • A 2-Part Workshop

    Learn 7 skills to improve how we cope

    Friday, Feb. 22nd 10:00-11:00 Faculty Lounge, MS2-022


    Friday, March 1st 10:00-11:00 Conference Room, MS2-084

    Published 1 semaine 6 heures ago
  • Friday, February 22nd10:00-11:00 Faculty Lounge, MS2-022 Part 1 Skills for Managing Stress & Anxiety

    Thursday, February 28th 11:30-12:30 Faculty Lounge, MS2-022 Wellness 101

    Published 1 semaine 6 heures ago
  • Looking to sweeten up your Wednesday mornings? Drop by McGill’s Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (MORSL, 3495 University Street, 2nd floor) between 9:30am and 11:30am for food, tea, coffee, and themed conversation in our accepting interfaith community!  Come hang out in our sunny lounge, chat with other students, and explore what MORSL has to offer.

    Published 1 semaine 6 heures ago
  • This brief workshop provides practical tools for reading and synthesizing scholarly sources with the goal of situating your own ideas in the context of others.

    Tuesday, Feb. 26, 10am-12pm in Barton 1-016

    Sign up, show up, and learn something!

    Published 1 semaine 10 heures ago
  • The Agricultural Economics Society of McGill University would like to invite you to join our event with BASF, the world's largest chemical producer!

    BASF produces a wide range of chemicals that are used in almost all industries and has a focus on sustainable outcomes!

    Published 1 semaine 10 heures ago
  • The Bioresource Engineering Student Society, in collaboration with the Engineering Career Center (ECC) and The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) is hosting a talk on the Advances of the Solution Bonaventure to be held in room R4-045, on Fri, Feb 22, 2019. The event is open to all Mac students...

    Published 1 semaine 10 heures ago
  • The McGill Students' Chapter of annual summit is right around the corner!

    Published 1 semaine 3 jours ago
  • Interested in helping youth learn about science?

    Let's Talk Science is looking for an assistant coordinator for Macdonald Campus!

    In this position, you'll help plan science outreach events at Mac for youth in the West Island.

    Published 1 semaine 3 jours ago
  • John Abbott College invites the McGill community to their "Perspectives" speaker series starting Feb 11th.

    See document attached for more info.

    They are also welcome to attend the REDress Project/Moose Hide Campaign taking place all day Feb. 13th

    Published 2 semaines 1 jour ago
  • Study and Go Abroad Fair back to the Palais des congrès de Montréal on March 2nd. This free student expo is a great opportunity for your students to start planning their next step in education, or to learn about gap year and other experiential travel options.

    Published 2 semaines 1 jour ago
  • CaPS-McRorie Scholarship for post-graduate student

    Published 2 semaines 2 jours ago
  • CaPS-Career Advisors available for one-on-one meetings by appointment, come by the CaPS office to book or email

    Published 2 semaines 2 jours ago
  • CaPS-Workshops remaining in this semester:

    Mar 11: CV&cover letter,

    Mar 18: Summer Job,

    Mar 22: Assess Job offers & Negotiate salary.  

    Published 2 semaines 2 jours ago
  • CaPS-AquaVerti Farms Inc a start-up is seeking a part-time or full-time Master Grower, Job # 124784 apply through myFuture.  Located in Ville St-Laurent.

    Published 2 semaines 2 jours ago
  • Union Church, 24 Maple, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue is organizing another Contra Dance!

    Come join us Saturday March 2nd at 7:30 p.m

    at Union Church, 24 Maple, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue

    Live music with Contra musicians: Bill Gossage, Mike Bleho & Glenn Roy, with Pierre Savaria as caller.

    Published 2 semaines 2 jours ago

    Keynote: Ben Hartman, Clay Bottom Farm and author of The Lean Farm: How to Minimize Waste, Increase Efficiency, and Maximize Value and Profits with Less Work

    Published 2 semaines 3 jours ago
  • Interested in studying by the ocean in Barbados? Then the BITS program is for you! The open-access beaches are literally at the front steps of Bellairs for you to enjoy all summer long! 

    Published 2 semaines 6 jours ago
  • Have you demonstrated a combination of strengths in both extra-curricular activities and academics?

    Published 3 semaines 6 heures ago
  • The Research Office is pleased to announce three Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRAs) competitions in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences for summer 2019:

    1)  NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) - Deadline March 8

    Published 3 semaines 8 heures ago

    Interested in joining an Agri-Tech Startup?

    We are recruiting skilled members to join our team



    Published 3 semaines 9 heures ago
  • Attenion All Graduates!

    The Grad photo session in the Faculty Lounge (MS2-022) has been POSTPONED to March 18-19.

    You will be able to book your appointment using the link in the Mouthpiece ad that will appear in the Feb 26th issue.

    Published 3 semaines 1 jour ago
  • Register now for SKILLS21, the workshop-based skills development program for undergrads!

    Published 3 semaines 3 jours ago
  • We are a recreational ski club that skis in the Arboretum  on Tues-Thurs-Friday mornings (7-8am). All levels are welcome to join, from complete beginners to advanced skiers.

    Published 3 semaines 3 jours ago
  • The jungle & beach for your classroom

    Join the Panama Field Study Semester, a full semester of McGill courses (15 credits) held every year from January to April in Panama
    Courses in 2020 include:
    •Agriculture –AGRI 550
    •Biology –BIOL 553
    •Geography –GEOG 498
    •6 credits of environment internship –ENVR 451

    Published 4 semaines 7 heures ago
  • Spend your Reading Week engaging with local community organizations!

    Alternative Spring Break is an initiative taking place during McGill’s Reading Week (March 4-8) that engages students with five days of volunteering, learning, and interacting with the local, Montreal community.

    Published 4 semaines 10 heures ago
  •  Join us and discover the Africa Field Study Semester!

    Published 4 semaines 1 jour ago
  • CaPS-myInvolvement is important to your co-curricular record (CCR).  CaPS workshops and some events can contribute to your CCR.  Attend workshops

    Published 1 mois 10 heures ago
  • CaPS-at Macdonald Campus, The Career Planning Services (CaPS) offices are located in Students Services, Centennial Centre. 

    Our usual schedule is open doors: M-F 9-4:30 (closed for lunch).


    Published 1 mois 11 heures ago
  • In February, MORSL is pleased to offer a series of free meditation classes based on breathing, visualization and pranayama techniques on Mondays. In this series of guided meditation classes, simple techniques in relaxation, concentration, meditation, breathing and mantras are utilized as concentration techniques.

    Published 1 mois 1 jour ago
  • About the farm:
    The owners are all McGill grads: Laura Johnston (Dip.Ag.‘79) & Aubrey MacDougall (Dip.Ag.‘75) who work with their son, Patrick MacDougall (Dip.FMT‘05, B.Sc.(AgEcon)‘09).

    Published 1 mois 5 jours ago