Scholarship Programs

Scholarship Program Requires Additional Electrical Engineering & Technical Studies

Renewable Energy is the major growth industry in all Developing Countries. However the governments and energy providers are struggling to find anywhere near enough skilled and professional electrical workers within their countries, to install and maintain new wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, tidal and waste to energy power plants.

The WCCC has been asked to expand the scholarship study opportunities to include considerably more Universities & Colleges which are offering renewable energy related diplomas, degrees and masters studies.


Although University Registration officially closed on 31th December 2016, it has been decided to re-open registration for a short period to allow a number of Universities & Colleges which are offering renewable energy related studies to join the scholarship program.

Renewable Energy and its ancillary industries are enablers for all community and industry sectors of a Developing Country's economy. Hence the young people of these nations are going to need to gain knowledge & experience across a vast array study fields. Including but not limited to:

•  Wind Energy
•  Concentrated Solar
•  PV Solar

•  Bio Mass Energy Generation
•  Waste to Energy
•  Tidal Energy Generation
•  Hydro Electric Generation
•  Geo-Thermal Electric Generation
•  Smart Grids
•  Battery & Other Energy Storage Systems
•  Environmental Impact Studies
•  Energy Management Systems
•  Infrastructure Design & Management
•  Urban Transport Management
•  Green Transport Technologies
•  Development of low-carbon economies

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Technical & Community Colleges Urged to Join Think Tank Pilot Program

At present many young people do not travel abroad to undertake Diploma studies in climate change related fields because the cost of travel and accommodation can be double that of the tuition fees of a one or two year course. Furthermore many young people need to undertake part time Diploma Studies so they can maintain their employment while studying

Because of the above many colleges have only small numbers, or no international students.

However Technical & Community Colleges will be one of the big winners from new International Education Delivery Methods resulting from the Future Methodologies of Higher Education Think Tank as they will be able to enroll large numbers of full & part time students located anywhere in the world, without having to physically accommodate a single student on or near their campus.

WCCC is encouraging Colleges around the world to register their interest in taking part in the Pilot Programs as new methodologies of delivering studies could introduce a considerable new income stream to the college.


Each College participating in the Pilot Program will,

Gain 10 fully funded students each year of the program.

All technologies required for the Pilot Program will be installed at no cost to the University.

All technologies installed by the Pilot Program will vest into the College upon completion of the Program.

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