ECO FARM DAY 2019: Feb 23-24, Cornwall, ON


Keynote: Ben Hartman, Clay Bottom Farm and author of The Lean Farm: How to Minimize Waste, Increase Efficiency, and Maximize Value and Profits with Less Work

Feb 23: Keynote address, 40 exhibitor trade show, organic lunch and a dozen workshops relating to plants, livestock, soils and more.

Feb 23 Evening: Talk With Your Mouth Full / Parler La Bouche Pleine. Keep the momentum going at this social event with facilitated discussion led by Laura Howard of Récolte (Montreal).

Feb 24: JOIN us for one of two full day, intensive and participatory workshops:

  • Market Gardening with Lean: How to Earn a Comfortable Living with Less Waste and Work, with Ben Hartman of Clay Bottom Farms.
  • Successful Biological Orcharding: Utilizing the biological connections between micro-organisms and plants to maintain a healthy orchard ecosystem, with Michael Phillips, author of The Holistic Orchard and Mycorrhizal Planet.  

Check and and for details and updates