Solution Bonaventure Project

The Bioresource Engineering Student Society, in collaboration with the Engineering Career Center (ECC) and The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) is hosting a talk on the Advances of the Solution Bonaventure to be held in room R4-045, on Fri, Feb 22, 2019. The event is open to all Mac students.


Between 1860 and 1960, a time when environmental laws had not yet been established, multiple departments in the Montreal region sent millions of tonnes of industrial and household waste to a landfill on the shore of the St. Lawrence River between the Champlain Bridge and Victoria Bridge. In

the 1960s, soil and bedrock excavated to construct the Champlain Bridge were deposited in the river downstream from the landfill. This resulted in contaminated soil, hazardous and non-hazardous residual materials, contaminated and toxic water, and the presence of free-phase hydrocarbons (FPH) in some areas. For many years, contaminated and toxic water and FPH migrated into the St. Lawrence River, putting nearby ecosystems at risk. This contamination is now a thing of the past! JCCBI piloted a large-scale project called the “Solution Bonaventure” to stop contaminated and toxic water and FPH from flowing into the river. Since 2017-2018, JCCBI has overseen the development of two containment systems at the site: a hydraulic barrier with a pumping and treatment system in the west sector, and a floating screen with a recovery system in the east sector. During this presentation, we will discuss the specific characteristics of the site along with its challenges, main stakeholders, system components, operations and monitoring, obstacles encountered, and next steps for both the east and west sectors.

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