VOTE FEB. 5TH AND 6TH: MCSS Accreditation and MCSS Constitution Update Referendum

Come to the Ceilidh  on Tuesday, February 4th at 11am for the Open Students Society Meeting!

Make your voices heard and vote for a revamped, accountable and progressive MCSS! There will be two presented questions: one will be regarding the Accreditation of the MCSS, that is, making the MCSS a legal entity visible to and recognized by the Quebec government; the other will be regarding the update of our constitution, which has contained outdated, redundant and conflicting passages that have cumulated over the years due to the addition of paragraphs without revision of the document. The proposed constitution can be viewed here:"

Voting will will be done on myinvolvement, so look for the email sent to all elligible students at their "" email account on Feb 5th

Event Date and Time: 
Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - 11:00