MCSS Election Results 20-21!

Congratulations candidates!

We are proud to announce the winning candidates for the MCSS 2020 - 2021 council. There were 1,368 registered MCSS members (FMT certificate and B.Sc. Agricultural and Environmental Sciences) as of the election period. The total number of participants in this vote was 139, representing 10% of the student body (quorum).

President: Nikulas Dworek
VP Internal: Marie Prémont
VP External: Leela Riddle-Merritte
VP Finance: Keel Scruton
VP University Affairs: Andres Gabriel Perez Tiniacos
VP Communications and Student Life: Véronique Dion Larivière
Environmental Advisor: Karl-Antoine Hogue
Equity Commissioner: Patricia Sung

Congratulations and welcome to the MCSS council!

Megumi Randall had to withdraw her candidacy for VP Business Operations, but we wish her all the best at her internship next year!

Note that:
By-Elections will run in the Fall for the positions of VP Academic and VP Business Operations, along with the regular elections for Members-at-Large and Business Operations Committee Members.