To Become a Club

So you want to become a club.

Well we would love to help out!

Prior to communicating with MCSS, you may consider how to answer all necessary questions for your club's procedures (meetings, organization, event budget).

1. Ensure that your club is unique from any other clubs we have on mac by visiting the club directory. There may be inactive clubs that you can revive!

2. It must be beneficial to students in a communicable way, inclusive to all students, and any funds must be redirected back to the students and not any outside organizations.


** The How-To **

Build a draft constitution from the attached sample below, send it to to have it reviewed by Joelle, our lovely receptionist at the MCSS counter. 

Wait on the response from the MCSS council...

Once your constitution has been finalized, fill out this form to input your club's information, and gain your active club status. This will allow us to ease communication between your club and MCSS, and allow students to find your club on the MCSS website.

You will also need to fill out the fund application forms once you have an idea of what your club's budget may look like

PDF icon Sample Constitution 562.7 KB