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FSA FoodVenture: Tandoori Bellevue

FSA presents our first Food Venture of the year, a Sainte-Anne favourite: Tandoori Bellevue!

Join us for an authentic Indian lunchtime feast on Sat, Sept 30th from 12-2pm.

Tickets will be $8 for FSA members and $12 for non-FSA members. This covers your appetizer and main dish, as well as covering the tax and tip.

Please see the facebook event (on FSA facebook page) to see the full menu. The only extra cost will be if you decide to order a drink or dessert.

AESUS Free P'tit Dej

8:30am class and no time to make breakfast?

Come grab a bagel or croissant this Wed, Sept 27th from 8am to 10:30am (if they don't run out before then!) as well as delicious apples from Mac Market.

Also hear about the fabulous upcoming events coming your way hosted by your AESUS team!

See you Wednesday morning in the Faculty Lounge!


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