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Out of the Garden Project Café

Did you miss OGP's old soup & salad & sandwich menu? Well, we're bringing it back this week!

Let you in on a secret: our Vegan B.L.T. tastes amazing with a bowl of tomato soup and some tangy sweet superfruit salad
Have a sweet tooth? Follow your meal up with our fall flavored pumpkin muffins or a decadent brownie

Thirsty? Try our new smoothie option!

Soil's health workshop by MAPAQ hosted by AFAQ

This presentation will be about Soil as a living system: trophic chain, “underwear test”.

Soil erosion and nutrient leaching: consequences, demonstration of the factors of influence (types of cover, water infiltration, raindrop splash, root network, etc.).

Drainage: how to manage it, impacts on yield, demonstration of different tests, soil hydrology “crash course”.

Compaction: consequences, how to manage it, adapting agricultural machinery and field entry schedule.


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