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Gin Distillery Tour (Cirka)

Hey hey hey fellow brewing and distilling fans. Join us on our first tour of the year ! :) We will be visiting the Cirka distilling factory on Saturday January 25th. There will be two tours of ten people, of about two hours each.

And guess what? They both include A CIRKA GIN TASTING !!

The first tour will start at 1:30pm and the other one will start at 3:30pm.


Repair day will take place on March 18th, 2020. Be prepared for a joyous fight against planned obsolescence and a celebration of repairing objects!

Do you know how to repair something?  (ex: bikes, clothes, computers, book bindings, jewelry, and anything you can think of that might need repairing) Do you want to show off your repairing skills and help others learn this skill?

If yes, we need you!


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