DHNUS presents: Drop-in Study Space

Nervous about final exams? Have questions about course material? Come this Wed, Dec 6th,  at 2:30pm-5:30pm in RAYMOND R1-042!

The TAs & volunteer tutors are available for questions and tutoring for the following classes:

U0: Introductory Physics 112

U1:  NUTR 207 (Nutrition and Health) , LSCI 211 (Biochemistry I)

U2: NUTR 307 (Metabolism and Human Nutrition)


2018 phenology calendar

Have a look at the Morgan Arboretum 2018 phenology calendar : a time-honored management tool providing cues to keep up with nature around home in the coming year.

In addition to a new set of outstanding photos from the Friends, the 2018 mix features 275 key seasonal phenomenon to watch for. All this to help you prepare for the holidays and look forward to a new year of nature discoveries.


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