Nutrition Booth -MS Lobby on Fridays!

Every Friday from 11:00 to 14:00, Level 4 dietetics students are holding a nutrition booth at the MS lobby to promote healthy and sustainable eating. Each week, they choose a seasonal vegetable grown and sold at the Mac Market and turn it into an easy-to-make food item. Come join them and grab some free food samples at the booth! 

The recipe of each week will be posted on the Dietetics Facebook page as well as next week's Mouthpiece.

Mom's Zucchini Bread recipe attached below.


Grad Photos in CC Ballroom Oct 24 & Oct 25

To signup:

1.  visit     http://lassmanstudios.com/dcs_sched/

2.  enter      mcg17    in the school ID to access the schedules.

Find a time that is convenient for you and book it.

Included in your sitting are a minimum of 10 unique online poses from which you can view/order online and a digital copy of the graduating class mosaic. Both traditional grad portraits as well as some fun style shots (if desired) will be taken.  


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