Out of the Garden Project Café!

It's OGP's last week of service, and we're bringing back our most popular recipe: African Peanut Kale Soup!
Pair it up with our mexican quinoa salad and a squash, chile, black bean enchilada for a delicious and hearty meal.
Looking for something sweet? Check our our dollar dessert options and spiced bombay banana smoothie!
As always, we'll be at the Ceilidh this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Are You 17-35 Years of Age? You Might Save a Life!

Have you considered having a blood sample or cheek swab to enter on the bone marrow registry for transplants?

It is an easy process through Hema Quebec. If more people are registered in the bone marrow transplant registry, all those who need transplants will have a better chance of finding a match.  

For more information on bone marrow/stem cell transplant, getting tested and the donation process:



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