McGill Apicultural Association

The McGill Apicultural Association is McGill’s student-run beekeeping club! Our mission is to maintain an active educational apiary at MacDonald Campus,  promote responsible beekeeping practices, share our pollinator knowledge with the public, and support bee research. We organize workshops throughout the year, hold summer open houses at the apiary, engage in community outreach, and provide students with an opportunity to learn and work hands-on with honey bees. If you are curious about beekeeping, are passionate about native pollinators, or just want to learn more about bees and honey, find us on Facebook:

Other Agriculture clubs

Those of you registered in the Farm Management and Technology Program (FMT), and undergraduates of the B.Sc. of Agriculture, Environmental Sciences and Engineering are members of the AESUS.
AFAQ is an association made up of motivated students that are interested in agriculture and in the practice of agronomy in Quebec.
As food revolutionaries, Happy Belly applies the principle of ''Think globally, act locally''.
Membership to the Livestock Club is open to all students from Macdonald campus of McGill University.
The Macdonald Agroecology Group is a student club that aims to provide students with opportunities to learn about sustainable agriculture. Every year MAEG organizes trips to local farms, invite speakers, and
The North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge (NAIDC) allows students studying agriculture to apply theory and learning to a real-world dairy while working as part of a team.
The Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Garden is a diversified vegetable farm located at the Macdonald Campus of McGill University in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec.  
By far the most original and exhilarating varsity sports teams on Campus!