A topic close to our hearts - Mac shuttle bus & a solution

The Mac campus shuttle.  Foreign to all but those who require this necessity of school life, it ferries a score of students daily without fail and for the most part fulfills its role adamantly.  However, with this accessible route of transportation comes several unfortunate nuances.  Competition for space to get back downtown at 5:30 pm,  shuttle arriving late for freezing students at 7 in the morning, just several of the possible scenarios which plague busy souls with unfortunate schedules.  In light of this there has been a history of complaints and suggestions. 
Here at MCSS, there hasn’t been a single individual not versed in the “shuttle situation”.   The students want more rides, at more frequent times, without having to leave class early to do so.  Unfortunately, time and time again, the solution isn’t as simple as contacting shareholders in this program and striking a democratic agreement.   The agreement that set this system into play is resistant to efforts for change.  The shuttle service must hire more drivers, re-plan routes, re-organize their schedule.  Furthermore, McGill and Macdonald would have to jointly draft a new contract and require administrative approval and edits.   Suffice it to say, who will honestly pay for this all to happen?  While the shuttle may not be an expense, the labor needed to formalize a new agreement is time consuming and not necessarily cost effective. 
So what do we do now about it?  We, MCSS, feel it’s in our best interest to start a carpooling culture for all students commuting to and from Mac.  Not simply a onetime event or semester long stint, but rather a community of students that have or need rides and can exchange information and schedules to see if there is any compatibility.  However, this all begins with you my dear student reader.  All it takes is opening up a google drive spreadsheet, and filling in your contact information.   Check it every now and then like you would your email for updates, you never know if you can find a new friend around the corner!
This project has the capacity to become a large, long-term forum of Macdonald commuters.  Your participation alleviates shuttle traffic, makes the most out of every liter of gasoline, and strengthen our ties as a part of a unified McGill community.  Please visit our page at:   and follow the link to the google drive!  Thank you so much!" 
- Alexander Chang (2013-2014 MCSS Environmental Advisor)