Summer Job for students in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Science

Hello, hello fellow Agriculture and Environment students, I hope the beginning of your summer is going well. Are you looking for a job in the Montréal area ?

Each year the City of Beaconsfield partners up with the "Regroupement des Eco Quartiers" to run awareness and pilot campaigns for their citizens, on different environmental topics. This year Beaconsfield is looking for 3 students:

· 2 students for the Green Patrol, with an emphasis on running Beaconsfield's Composting Pilot project and Responsible Water consumption.

· 1 student for the targeted campaign to inform property owners with ash trees of the city’s support and treatment plan.

(Note: the 3 positions are for work in Beaconsfield, but the employer is Regroupement Éco-Quartier).

The positions are for 32 hours per week, for 12 weeks, and the pay is $14, hourly.

The deadline to apply is May 24, and the position starts June 3. To apply send your resume and letter of intent to  You must be legal to work in Canada (i.e. citizen, permanent resident or have a study permit, which allows you to work full-time off campus during the summer). Also, be ready to be on your feet or biking around all summer, a lot of this job will entail going from property to property in Beaconsfield and engaging with citizens !

For more information contact