Wednesday, January 16th, 2020

All clubs are required to submit the following:

  1. Budget Request Form (three tabs): send to with the subject line "(Insert Club Name) Fall Budget Request". It is in your best interests to be as detailed as possible! Note: travel expenditures are not covered by MCSS. Please plan for your projected fundraising monies to be equal to or more than expected travel expenses (please refer to the form).
  2. Reformatted Constitution: send to with the subject line "(Insert Club Name) Updated Constitution". The font and ordering of the document should not be changed. Note: if you are a new club, your constitution must first be approved by the full MCSS Council. Use subject line: "(Insert Club Name) Club Application" 

If you have already submitted 2, your work is nearly done! Looking forward to review what you all have planned for this semester.

Due date: January 25th at Midnight

Should you have any outstanding questions or if you seek advice regarding the forms, please contact Leela (VP Communication & Student Life) at and/or Keel (VP Finance) at