Conferences & Seminars

New science communication workshop this Fall for Macdonald Campus students: Online 101 Quick Tips!

Provided by the Lister Family Engaged Science Initiative, Quick Tips is a 45-minute ZOOM session designed to help people optimize their ZOOM presentation strategies. Three topics will be covered: basic set-up issues such lighting, camera and body position; transforming powerpoint for the online environment; engagement strategies to increase audience interaction. There will also be a 15-minute open Q&A at the end with our Presentation Skills Director: Dr. Andrew Churchill.

impact200: Official Kick-off Event

The official launch event for impact200, McGill's Bicentennial Student Sustainability Challenge, will be taking place remotely on September 17th from 5-6 PM, followed by an online networking event. This will be a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the university-wide challenge, ask questions, hear from our inspiring special guests, and, if you take part in the networking event, to meet other challenge participants with similar interests. You may even decide to create a team with them!


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