Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Society

Those of you registered in the Farm Management and Technology Program (FMT), and undergraduates of the B.Sc. of Agriculture, Environmental Sciences and Engineering are members of the AESUS. Our organization counts five executive members that represent differenent posistions within the society. The purpose of AESUS is: to maintain a high degree of cooperation, participation and friendship among members by organizing social activities and events that allow members to meet each other, to provide assistance and information to members for academic problems, and to maintain good communication with the MCSS and other clubs on campus.

This year we intend to organize some and socialevents, as well as provide funding and/or support to students who want to organize an activity. Contact us for more info, and to get involved!

Other Student Society clubs

The Bioresource Engineering Student Society (BESS) is the association that represents undergraduate students enrolled in the Bioresource B.Eng program at McGill University.
The Dietetics and Human Nutrition Undergraduate Society (DHNUS) represents undergraduate students majoring in Dietetics, Nutrition or the Concurrent Food Science/Nutrition degree at McGill.
McGill's Food Science Association is a student-based group representing the McGill Food Science department with the mission of sharing our knowledge and passion for food with our peers, all while promoting o