This is the Mac Environmental Club, dedicated to solving the environmental crisis, starting with our campus (as you might have heard before: think globally, act locally). We have focused our efforts mainly on making recycling more available and widespread at Mac, by bringing recycling to the main student buildings: the CC and the MS building, and not just in the residences. CERES has many projects, and we are always open to new ones! To give you an idea, last year we were up to:

  1. A series of workshops for staff and students on campus to design better composting and recycling opportunities.
  2. A partnership with local governments to train local businesses in energy efficiency
  3. A school outreach project to teach environmental topics to local elementary students (this year with monarch butterfly purchases funded by the city!)
  4. Replacing grass around campus with native plants
  5. And a campaign for more responsible purchases and investments on campus!

For more info, see our website here! There is so much that CERES can do. To be a part of the listserv, e-mail ceres.macdonald@mcgill.ca and ask to be subscribed. CERES meets weekly in the CC Lounge (time TBA).

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