Health and Dental Plan

To help students pay for the health services they need, a collective health and dental plan has been put in place by the MCSS. This Group Plan is unique in that it helps fill the gaps in provincial health care, while offering coverage that is competitively priced. The coverage includes health, dental, vision and travel benefits. It covers the unexpected and provides you with preventive care services to keep you in good health.

Since its inception, the Plan has saved its members millions of dollars and has helped thousands of students.

As an undergraduate student at McGill University in the Fall semester, paying tution fees either at the Canadian or Qu̩ebec rates, and as a members of the Macdonald Campus Students' Society (MCSS), you're automatically covered by the MCSS Health & Dental Plan. All international undergraduate students beginning in the Fall semester are automatically covered by the Dental Plan only.

A complete list of benefits, coverage information, claim forms as well as how to opt out, all avaliable at . You can also get information about the plan at the MCSS Desk in the Centennial Building.