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VP Academic

The Vice-President Academic represents the MCSS in between university affairs, academic affairs and other matters. They are responsible for the Mid-Term Course evaluations. Acting as an advocate for the rights of the students of the Macdonald community they are also responsible for assisting the MCSS members deal with academic grievances. It is their role to ensure communication between (1) the MCSS, (2) the Vice-President Inter-Campus Affairs and Senate Representative, (3) the External Affairs and Board of Governors’ representative, and (4) all student members of University committees. They sit on committees such as the Academic Standing Committee and the Academic Policy Committee. Overall, the Vice-President Academic of the MCSS gains practical experience in leadership, advocacy and critical thinking.

Nominations are open until Sept 17th 2020

Interested in joining our team? Contact info.mcss@mail.mcgill.ca