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Association Des Futures Agronomes Du Quebec

AFAQ is an association made up of motivated students that are interested in agriculture and in the practice of agronomy in Quebec. It promotes the profession of agronomist (“agronome”) among Mac students and it creates the link between the students, the “Ordre des Agronomes du Québec (OAQ)” and McGill University. This will be done through various funny activities such as one-day internship “Agronome d’un jour”, movie nights, contests with prizes, guest speakers and more! AFAQ is also responsible for the sale of the “Mémento”, the official book for the OAQ admission exam. All the activities are done to keep students informed about agriculture in Quebec.

Mac Arts & Crafts Club

Come and join the Macdonald campus arts and crafts club at our monthly art hives! We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels safe to experiment with new mediums and express their creativity. Whether you’re looking to hone your skills or unwind after a busy month, this is the club for you!

Mac Book Club

The Mac Book Club is a place where passionate readers gather to discuss fiction and non-fiction books. Whether you like romance, fantasy, thrillers, science-fiction, philosophy or even poetry, this club is here to fulfill all your bookworm needs. We usually read one book per month and participation is on a voluntary basis: no commitment whatsoever. Grab your list of to-be-read books and come enjoy some cookies and tea with us!

McGill Mac CSSA (Chinese Scholars and Students Association)

Mac McGill CSSA is the Chinese Scholars and Students Association at Macdonald campus of McGill University. CSSA is a student association established and managed by MCSS and an official student organization recognized by the Chinese Embassy in Montreal. The purpose of Mac CSSA is to build a healthy and harmonious atmosphere for Chinese students by organizing activities and providing services.

Fermentation and Brewing Club (FAB)

The purpose of this club is to spread the gospel of fermentation and its derivatives (including brewing). Introducing students to the basics behind fermenting through hands-on workshops and developing their palates to recognize the wide application that fermented goods have in culinary uses.

Opening the world of ferments can include beer, cider, kimchi, kombucha, hot sauce, miso, etc. Through the introduction of these topics there will be the potential for field trips. Including distillery tours, vineyard visits, specialty restaurants/grocers and more. With fermentation the options are endless and so is our pursuit of knowledge.

MacDonald Student Ecological Garden (MSEG) 

The Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Garden is a diversified vegetable farm located at the Macdonald Campus of McGill University in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec. The farm  is run entirely by students, where each employed student commits two growing seasons to the farm, allowing the student club to operate as a highly effective and unique “farmer incubator program”. This gives the students a level of responsibility and training that is not generally possible with internships at larger, more established market gardens. Although the farm does not have organic certification, it is operated using practices that are within organic guidelines.

Rainbow Mac

Rainbow Mac is a place to meet fellow queer students at mac! We hope to form a strong, supportive community and host varied events for y’all to enjoy; we’ll listen to your input of what events you want to see, so reach out! Fill out this form to join our mailing list and discord:

The Games Club

The Games Club is a recreational club that aims to provide a space for students to relax with their friends, or make new ones, in a fun environment where they can try out different games.

Global Food Security Club

The McGill Global Food Security Club raises awareness and organizes projects focusing on food security issues at the local and global level. The club is a hub for student projects. It supports, shares information, and collaborates with other student organizations to develop a network between Mac and downtown McGill, other universities, local NGOs, international NGOs, and the general public. This interdisciplinary club is open to students in all majors both undergrads and graduate students. Join us in events such as movie & discussion nights, speakers, farm tours and participate in our case competition!

Music Club

The McGill Music Club is open to all students and staff. Our goal is to allow our members to improve their skills in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. For this, we offer bonding activities such as jam sessions and group formation meetings for everyone to get to know each other. We also organize performances for those who want to play publicly and share the rhythm and harmony of music. Our club embraces all styles of music and we encourage everyone to join whether you are a beginner or a virtuoso.


McGill University Tractor Pulling Club is a group of engineers and non-engineers who work together to design and build a 1/4 scale pulling tractor to compete in the ASABE IQS Tractor Student Design Competition, which is held Peoria, Illinois every year. Every member has the opportunity to learn industry standard softwares for drawing and coding, as well as hands-on building skills and management techniques for teams and cash flow.

Power to Change

Power to Change exists to change the world by helping students discover Jesus. We provide Christian students at McGill with a community of like-minded people. In addition, we provide a safe space for any students who wishes to talk about religious ideals.

Mac Campus Bike Club

Repair. Recycle. Repeat. The Mac Campus Bike club seeks to offer bike repair services to the Mac community. We also have a bike recycling program whereby we recycle bikes through the Mac Campus community. Students arrive and get a bike, on the condition that when they leave Mac Campus they return the bike to be further recycled through the community. We offer repair lessons and equip students with the skills necessary for bike maintenance and repair. 


Woodsman Team is a Co-Ed, competitive collegiate sports team that practices field forestry skills and emulates traditional logging techniques in a competitive format at tournaments.

The McGill Pre-Vet Society

The McGill Pre-Vet Society is a club centered at Macdonald Campus open to anyone interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine! Throughout the year, we host a number of activities focused on helping students better understand the veterinary profession and to give helpful advice to those looking to apply to veterinary school in the future. In the past, these events have included trips to the Eco museum zoo in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, webinars with veterinary schools outlining application processes and admission requirements, interviews with veterinary professionals, and more.

Macdonald McGill Outdoors Club (MacMOC)

Outdoors Club for McGill Macdonald Campus students, making the outdoors more accessible through organized trips, events, and adventures for all. Whether we’re hiking, camping, climbing, or paddling, we welcome outdoor enthusiasts of all experience levels!

Macdonald McGill Outdoors Club (MacMOC)

Outdoors Club for McGill Macdonald Campus students, making the outdoors more accessible through organized trips, events, and adventures for all. Whether we’re hiking, camping, climbing, or paddling, we welcome outdoor enthusiasts of all experience levels!

As food revolutionaries, Happy Belly applies the principle of ”Think globally, act locally”. We collect food from nearby grocery stores and farms consisting mainly of perishable items near the end of their shelf life that would otherwise be discarded but are still safe to eat, and we cook and serve a free healthy vegan-friendly meal each week for students and staff. We strive to create awareness and to reduce food waste as well as providing a valuable service for the Mac community. This is a volunteer based non-profit organization that relies on the involvement of committed students and staff; we encourage and welcome all contributions, and provide a friendly environment in which members can learn and develop new skills as well as enriching our team with their own.

Mac 3D Printing Club:

M3D provides an opportunity to learn about the procedures of 3D printing while also providing this service to the community. It is a great way to make custom parts for repairs or experiments, useful tools, art, models to understand complex mechanisms, and much more!

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