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Association Des Futures Agronomes Du Quebec

AFAQ is an association made up of motivated students that are interested in agriculture and in the practice of agronomy in Quebec. It promotes the profession of agronomist (“agronome”) among Mac students and it creates the link between the students, the “Ordre des Agronomes du Québec (OAQ)” and McGill University. This will be done through various funny activities such as one-day internship “Agronome d’un jour”, movie nights, contests with prizes, guest speakers and more! AFAQ is also responsible for the sale of the “Mémento”, the official book for the OAQ admission exam. All the activities are done to keep students informed about agriculture in Quebec.


This is the Mac Environmental Club, dedicated to solving the environmental crisis, starting with our campus (as you might have heard before: think globally, act locally). We have focused our efforts mainly on making recycling more available and widespread at Mac, by bringing recycling to the main student buildings: the CC and the MS building, and not just in the residences. CERES has many projects, and we are always open to new ones! 

Happy Belly

As food revolutionaries, Happy Belly applies the principle of ”Think globally, act locally”. We collect food from nearby grocery stores and farms consisting mainly of perishable items near the end of their shelf life that would otherwise be discarded but are still safe to eat. Every week, we cook and serve a free healthy lunch for students and staff. The meals are vegan-friendly with few processed ingredients. We partner with the Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Garden to provide you with locally grown food you can eat. We are definitely looking for cooks, cleaners, harvesters, promoters, and of course happy bellies to eat our meals. Involvement in the club is greatly appreciated. Happy Belly functions for more than 10 years because of the motivation of participants that care about collective actions.

Judging Club

One of the best kept secrets on campus, the Macdonald Judging Team is open to all students at Mac. The judging team participates in various intercollegiate competitions throughout the year at other agricultural colleges and universities across Canada. The campus is host to our annual judging competition, which is always during the Mac Winter Carnival. The Mac judging team offers a chance for students to improve their practical agricultural knowledge as well as their communication and decision making skills. No experience is required! It is also an excellent opportunity to make lasting friendships with students both at Mac and other universities. As they say in Guelph: “Win or loose, we go for the booze!” 

Mac Robotics

Are you a student who’s interested in electronics, coding and computer modeling? Whether you’ve worked with electronics before or you are a complete beginner, the Mac Robotics Club is always looking for new and enthusiastic members! Be a part of great projects where you will have the chance to work with Arduino, Lego, RaspberryPi and SolidWorks. Learn hands-on skills that will help you solve engineering problems and challenges with the use of machines. Those willing to take it to the next level can also participate in the annualASABE robotics competition and represent McGill University. Don’t miss out on this fun and unforgettable learning experience!

MacDonald Student Ecological Garden (MSEG) 

The Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Garden is a diversified vegetable farm located at the Macdonald Campus of McGill University in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec. The farm  is run entirely by students, where each employed student commits two growing seasons to the farm, allowing the student club to operate as a highly effective and unique “farmer incubator program”. This gives the students a level of responsibility and training that is not generally possible with internships at larger, more established market gardens. Although the farm does not have organic certification, it is operated using practices that are within organic guidelines.

McGill Agricultural Association

The McGill Agricultural Association is McGill’s student-run beekeeping club! Our mission is to maintain an active educational apiary at MacDonald Campus,  promote responsible beekeeping practices, share our pollinator knowledge with the public, and support bee research. We organize workshops throughout the year, hold summer open houses at the apiary, engage in community outreach, and provide students with an opportunity to learn and work hands-on with honey bees. 

Global Food Security Club

The McGill Global Food Security Club raises awareness and organizes projects focusing on food security issues at the local and global level. The club is a hub for student projects. It supports, shares information, and collaborates with other student organizations to develop a network between Mac and downtown McGill, other universities, local NGOs, international NGOs, and the general public. This interdisciplinary club is open to students in all majors both undergrads and graduate students. Join us in events such as movie & discussion nights, speakers, farm tours and participate in our case competition!

McGill Permaculture Club

The McGill Permaculture Club is a club for students at McGill who are curious and/or passionate about permaculture. The objective of this club is to increase awareness and understanding of permaculture among the student population, and to get students appreciative of the benefits of permaculture. This club engages with the Macdonald Permaculture Showcase Garden and the Permaculture Food Forest, both at McGill. Club activities include workshops, permaculture farm visits, guest speakers, discussion groups, movie screenings, hands-on farm work at the food forests, watching permaculture design course videos, and more!

McGill Wildlife & Environment Association

MCGILL WILDLIFE & ENVIRONMENT ASSOCIATION (MWA) The McGill Wildlife Association will provide all McGill students with activities related to wildlife and nature. Learn more about wildlife and get more involved on campus through events such as documentary nights, speaker presentations, fundraisers, and field trips!  In addition, MWA provides information on wildlife-related events in the area as well as facts about animals. If you love animals, nature and the environment, check out MWA!

MedLife McGill – MacDonald Campus Branch

Raise awareness about and take action in developmental, social, and healthcare issues of concern worldwide and in the local Greater Montreal community.

Music Club

The McGill Music Club is open to all students and staff. Our goal is to allow our members to improve their skills in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. For this, we offer bonding activities such as jam sessions and group formation meetings for everyone to get to know each other. We also organize performances for those who want to play publicly and share the rhythm and harmony of music. Our club embraces all styles of music and we encourage everyone to join whether you are a beginner or a virtuoso.


McGill University Tractor Pulling Club is a group of engineerings and non-engineers who work together to develop and design a 1/4 scale pulling tractor to compete in the Peoria, Illinois every year. Every member has the opportunity to learn industry standard softwares for drawing and coding, as well as management techniques for teams and cash flow.

Out of the Garden Project

Out of the Garden offers healthy, affordable, homemade and delicious food in MAC’s very own student café! We promote local and sustainable food choices, and offer many opportunities to get involved: come to eat, come to cook, or come to learn! Find us in the Ceilidh Monday-Wednesday, and look out for workshops throughout the year.

Power to Change

Power to Change exists to change the world by helping students discover Jesus. We provide Christian students at McGill with a community of like-minded people. In addition, we provide a safe space for any students who wishes to talk about religious ideals.

Mac Campus Bike Club

Repair. Recycle. Repeat. The Mac Campus Bike club seeks to offer bike repair services to the Mac community. We also have a bike recycling program whereby we recycle bikes through the Mac Campus community. Students arrive and get a bike, on the condition that when they leave Mac Campus they return the bike to be further recycled through the community. We offer repair lessons and equip students with the skills necessary for bike maintenance and repair. 


The McGill Pre-Vet Society

“The McGill Pre-Vet Society is a club centered at Macdonald Campus open to anyone interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. Throughout the year, we host a number of activities focused on helping students better understand the veterinary profession and to give helpful advice to those looking to apply to veterinary school in the future. In the past, these events have included trips to the Eco museum zoo in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, webinars with veterinary schools outlining application processes and admission requirements, interviews with veterinary professionals, and more.”

Mac 3D Printing Club:

M3D provides an opportunity to learn about the procedures of 3D printing while also providing this service to the community. It is a great way to make custom parts for repairs or experiments, useful tools, art, models to understand complex mechanisms, and much more!