Executives & Staff

MCSS Staff

The MCSS Council is supported by our permanent administrative staff, whose offices are located inside Centennial Centre.

Juliana Agolli

Senior Financial Administrator and Business Operations Manager

[email protected]

MSc Economy & Agriculture Policies, BSc Finance & Accounting, FAO of UN DPI Consultant, CAPM. Previously worked with the World Bank, IFAD, and FAO of UN projects. Former consultant of Competitive Grants Programs in four different countries.

Joelle Mottart

Secretary and Events Coordinator

[email protected]

Your resource to all things Mac! Need help with your Health and Dental Plan, want info about Mac clubs, looking to rent a locker? Come see Joelle at the MCSS Front Desk in CC, weekdays before 4pm.

Your MCSS Executive Council

Council is the executive body of the Macdonald Campus Students’ Society. Its members are elected every year in April by the membership of the MCSS. The council oversees all activities and operations of the Society and represents students on the campus, within the university and externally.

Vaishnavi Parey


[email protected]

Aidan Hayward Toland

VP Finance

[email protected]

Maya Scully

VP Internal

[email protected]

Michael Ji

VP Business Operations

[email protected]

Shaqued Menda

VP Communications

[email protected]

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