Agriculture in the Classroom Canada is looking for Montreal-area VOLUNTEERS!

Agriculture in the Classroom Canada is looking for Montreal-area VOLUNTEERS for their engAGe Montreal event on November 19th at the Rialto Theatre.

They are looking for volunteers to:
1. Lead activities in the afternoon breakout sessions
- In groups of 25-30, students will rotate through workshop stations to learn about career pathways into agriculture and food by participating in interactive breakout sessions led by members of the agricultural community (people like YOU). They need of a minimum of 20 volunteers to lead breakout sessions.
- They will work with you to select an appropriate topic or area of focus, and to develop the activity at your station.

2. Be a classroom tour guide
- Duties include: escorting attendees on and off buses and directing classes to their breakout sessions in the afternoon

This event will be attended by 500 urban high school students and their educators to explore STEM and business by promoting pathways into these areas that can help them connect and envision themselves in careers in agriculture and food.

Help promote careers in Ag, volunteer today! Contact for Ag in the Classroom contact details. See the attached PDF for more information.

See attachment for more info