Constitution & By-Laws

The Consitution and By-Laws of the Society are the main governing documents of the Society. They outline the mission and purpose, as well as the duties, rights and obligations of the Society, its executive and its members. Furthermore, the operating procedure of different student-run entities on Macdonald Campus is outlined in these legal documents.

From time to time, amendments have been made to these documents. If changes are to be made, the membership must approve these by a vote.

Health and Dental Plan

Since its inception, the Plan has saved its members millions of dollars and has helped thousands of students.

As an undergraduate student at McGill University in the Fall semester, paying tution fees either at the Canadian or Qu̩ebec rates, and as a members of the Macdonald Campus Students' Society (MCSS), you're automatically covered by the MCSS Health & Dental Plan. All international undergraduate students beginning in the Fall semester are automatically covered by the Dental Plan only.


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