About the MCSS

The Macdonald Campus Students' Society represents the interests of all diploma (FMT) and undergraduate students of the Macdonald Campus of McGill University. Our offices are located in the Centennial Centre building.

Established in 1914, the MCSS has since been involved in all campus activities including both social and academic affairs, club coordination and doing whatever possible to influence University policies in ways that they may best serve the student body. As such, the MCSS is represented on dozens of McGill University committees and working groups.

The MCSS currently employs three full-time employees as well as a number of part-time positions, which are open to students of Macdonald campus. These positions include bar staff and office assistants. Financing for day-to-day operations depend mainly on student fees and bar and bookstore revenues.

Planning and policies are adopted and implemented by the 18 core members of the Students' Council. The council meets every two weeks. All students and staff are welcome to attend Council meetings.

The governing body of the MCSS is it's executive. All positions are open to Macdonald Campus students. Elections are held near the end of each academic year. Further information regarding the elections may be obtained along with nomination forms at the MCSS reception desk.

Student participation is a must in order for the MCSS to continue to operate. Students are encouraged to approach the MCSS with any questions or ideas they might have. Anyone who wishes to organize their own club or activity is also encouraged to approach the MCSS for both financial and administrative aid.


The purpose and mission of the Macdonald Campus is outlined in section 2 of the Constitution of the Society.

  1. An association of students, formed to exercise control of student activities, subject to the University Statutes and to the jurisdiction of the Senate of McGill University.
  2. To unite and represent all students of Macdonald Campus and promote their welfare and interests.
  3. To provide activities to enhance the educational, cultural, environmental, and social conditions of its members.


Through the VP Academic and the Representatives to the Board of Governors and the Senate, the MCSS represents students’ interests and rights with the university. The VP Academic has the role to inform council of, and represent council in between university affairs, academic affairs and other matters. The Representatives shall represent the Students' Society to the Senate/Board of Governors, and inform the Students' Council of all relevant business arising from them.

If you have questions regarding how Macdonald Campus students are represented on campus or in the university, please contact your VP Academic or your representatives.

Centennial Centre

This is the hub of all student activities.  The Centennial Centre is your building; a place for students to gather between classes, relax in the “EcoNiche”. This is a room where you can chill out, read, study or even take a nap! Or come to our ever popular Wednesday Rec Nights or Thursday Ceilidh nights.

The offices of the Macdonald Campus Students’ Society are on the main floor of the Centennial Centre.  You will find our hard working administrators here, behind the information counter.  These are the lovely women with whom you should speak if you need to rent a locker, book a club room, arrange liquor permits, or simply to get an idea of where to start in planning activities.  MCSS publishes the “Mouthpiece” every week, and facilitates the operations of various clubs and activities.

The bookstore, is found across the lobby, where you can outfit yourself (head to toe) in Mac gear. There, you can also be directed in your quest to purchase books for your classes. 

Around the corner is the Student Services office. 

Upstairs you will find The Dietetics Food Lab and the Ballroom where major events are held and where you will write your exams. The Lyman Museum is found downstairs.

Enjoy your exploring!